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Christmas and New Year’s Festivities
Christmas is a period of unique celebrations in Madeira, which mark the season’s festive calendar. In Madeira’s oral lore, Christmas is ... “A Festa”!
On December 8th with the official opening of the Christmas multi-coloured illuminations throughout the city, take off the Christmas and New Year’s festivities.
In the city, at the Placa Central of Avenida Arriaga are concentrated most events, which attract numerous visitors ... a scenario filled with colour and music, with local philharmonic bands, folklore and choir group’s performances, live nativity scenes and live portrays representing Madeiran traditions, not forgetting the traditional kiosks with liquors and diverse delicacies of the “Festa” … well, a taste of what Madeira has to offer during its Christmas season, widely celebrated by locals, and intensely enjoyed by thousands of tourists who visit us, also expecting to assist and enjoy one of the finest “New Year’s” fireworks display around the World…
Destaque Mensal
Regional Secretariat for Culture, Tourism and Transports / Department of Cultural Affairs

Secretaria Regiona da Cultura, Turismo e Transportesl Direcção Regional dos Assuntos Culturais