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Madeira Organ Festival

OCTOBER 24 | 9:30PM

Rheinberger: Sacred songs Armando Possante, baritone António Esteireiro, organ Josef Rheinberger, composer, whose huge output constitutes one of the first manifestations of German romanticism for the organ, also seems to have loved the voice. His Geistlische Lieder, in which the voice blends admirably with the organ, are the epicentre of this concert of German romantic music, given by Armando Possante and António Esteireiro.

Igreja de São Pedro, Funchal.


OCTOBER 24 | 3:00PM

A aldeia de Dó-Mi-Sol (storytelling for children) Inês Machado, organ Sofia Maul, narrator Igreja do Colégio, Funchal The great organ of the Church of the Colégio comes down from its pedestal to introduce itself to children! The inhabitants of the Village of C-E-G – Chica, Barnabé, João and many others – appear in this telling of the story, in images and in the improvisations of Inês Machado at the organ. To each character corresponds a well-known nursery song, a new sonority, a different facet of the instrument!


OCTOBER 25 | 9:30PM

I – Dutch masters from the 17th to the 20th century Frank van Wijk, organ II – Vierne: Messe Solennelle Coro de Câmara da Madeira João Vaz, organ Halyna Stetsenko, choir organ Zélia Gomes, direction One choir, two organs. Vierne composed his Messe solennelle in 1900, with French cathedrals in mind, the great organ in dialogue with the singers accompanied by the choir organ. More than a century later, this work will be heard in the Church of the Colégio, sung by the voices of the Madeira Chamber Choir. In the first part of the concert, a panorama of Dutch organ composition during the last three hundred years is given by Frank van Wijk.

Igreja do Colégio, Funchal.


OCTOBER 26 | 9:30PM

North versus South: Sweelinck and Cabezón Jesús Gonzálo López, organ Frank van Wijk, organ Sweelinck was the main figure in organ music in Holland at the beginning of the 17th century, just as Cabezón had been in Spain in the preceding generation. Two contrasting musical worlds, united by the same instrument. Today, two organists – one Dutch and the other Spanish – explore these differences through their own, different, ways of playing.

Igreja e Recolhimento do Bom Jesus, Funchal.

Destaque Mensal
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