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Carnival Festivities 2015
Traditionally, the Carnival in Madeira begins with the “Festa dos Compadres” in Santana, which includes the Fun Parade, the Ethnographic Parade and the Public Trial of the “comadre” and the “compadre” (a woman and a man). In the end, both “comadre” and “compadre” are burned as punishment for their “crimes”. This is a local variation of popular theatre, ingrained in the traditions of this town.
On the following week, in Funchal, takes off the Official Programme of Madeira’s Carnival Festivities, with the theme “Carnival – The Magic of the Light”, inspired by the International Year of Light, celebrated in 2015.
As one of Madeira’s biggest touristic billboards, this event has two major moments: the Great Carnival Parade, with lots of light, sound and color; and the Fun Parade on Shrove Tuesday, a typical and popular manifestation which involves dozens of small groups and whoever is interested in taking part of this event.
Destaque Mensal
Regional Secretariat for Culture, Tourism and Transports / Department of Cultural Affairs

Secretaria Regiona da Cultura, Turismo e Transportesl Direcção Regional dos Assuntos Culturais