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“EVA - Once Upon a Time in the Atlantic”
Between the 23rd and the 25th of September, Madeira welcomes its first international storytelling festival.
“EVA - Once Upon a Time in the Atlantic” is organized by the Associação Xarabanda with the special support of the Direção Regional da Cultura, and under the artistic direction of the well-known Madeiran storyteller Sofia Maul, bringing to the island narrators from various regions to attract and delight the island’s audience, who truly enjoys a very good story.
With four sessions of short stories, two for family audiences: on Saturday, the 24th, and on Sunday, the 25th, both in the afternoon; and two evenings specially targeted to adults, on Friday and Saturday night.
The guests of EVA’s first edition, beyond Sofia Maul, are Claudia Fonseca (Brazil), Rodolfo Castro (Argentina), Soledad Felloza (Uruguay/Galicia) and Valter Peres (Portugal – Terceira Island/Azores).
The EVA Festival is also a partner of an International Network of Storytelling Festivals in the Atlantic that aims to gather, disseminate and promote the region’s oral lore and the narrators working for those memories.
“EVA - Once Upon a Time in the Atlantic”
Destaque Mensal
Regional Secretariat for Economy, Tourism and Culture / Department of Culture