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Initiated in the beginning of January, this project started with a guided tour to the mother-church of Calheta, provided by Dr. Francisco Clode de Sousa. The project “Let know” will extend until 15th of October with a guided tour with the theme “Jewells in the collections of Funchal’s Sacred Art Museum”, instructed by Dr. Francisco Clode de Sousa. The project of cultural diffusion “Let know” lays on the idea of revealing the existing cultural patrimony of Madeira Island. In addition to the investigation, classification, conservation and restoration works, it is crucial to diffuse and inform of a vast and diversified patrimony that is under the guard of all Madeiran people, and constitutes an important reserve of cultural identity. In the course of this year, a team of specialized persons, not only locals but also from the mainland, will be invited to approach aspects of that immense cultural diversity, in a more specific or general way, maintained “in situ” or already placed in museums. The main points of this program are the guided tours and conferences held in various places. In February, there is another guided tour to the Cathedral, Sé do Funchal, named “Sé do Funchal - the Atlantic Manueline”, on the 27th of February at 3 p.m. Applications should go by email This project is organized by Museum’s Services and Cultural Patrimony Direction/Department of Culture. Destaque Mensal
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