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“Madeira: from the Atlantic to the rest of the World”
The Arte Sacra Museum of Funchal opened an exhibition within the 500 Years Jubilee of the Funchal’s Diocese.
The exhibition assembles a collection of 56 pieces of goldsmithery, sculpture and painting, a selection of the most precious art works belonging to the Diocese of Funchal, organised chronologically between the 15th and 20th centuries, and coming from numerous chapels and churches of Madeira and Porto Santo.(…)
In this specific collection stands-out sculpture, with notable art works such as: “Cristo Crucificado” (Crucifixion of Jesus) of a Portuguese mid-15th century workshop (…) or “Nossa Senhora com o Menino” (Madonna and Child) by the renowned Madeiran sculptor Francisco Franco(…).
In painting, a special reference to the “Holy Family” from the Flemish school and datable of the early 16th century, originally from the Chapel of Espírito Santo (Holy Ghost Chapel), in Porto Santo; (…) In goldsmithery, the silver gilt Manueline Processional Cross dated of the early 16th century from the Mother-Church of Calheta; (…) or the mid-16th century “Cruz Relicário” (Reliquary Cross) of Funchal’s Archdiocese and Cathedral.
The exhibition was curated by Francisco António Clode Sousa e Luiza Clode, of the museum’s art direction, with the special contribution and participation of Rita Rodrigues, Isabel Santa Clara and of the Emeritus Bishop of Funchal, Dom Teodoro Faria, on behalf of Dom António Carrilho, the Bishop of Funchal.
Open until the 31st of October.
Original text: Francisco António Clode Sousa; English version: DRAC
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