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“As Crianças da Casa da Calçada”
The exhibition "As Crianças da Casa da Calçada"- (The Children from the House of the Calçada), accompanies the official release of a children's book with the same title, to be held on the 28th of November. The story and all the display is developed from characters featuring the museum’s collection and a plot that recovers neglected values, involving the museum’s facilities and many of its pieces. The project offers a new approach and a new way of promoting the institution’s collections. The exploration of different objects and their cultural origins, the interconnection between those cultures and their transposition to the island’s daily life, with its own traditions and experiences, are enriching and appealing factors that allow the museum to offer something less ordinary.
The project, planned to celebrate the work developed over a decade by House-Museum Frederico de Freitas/Educational Services Department, is conducted in partnership with Madeira Ethnographic Museum and counts on the support of Escola Básica e Secundária Dr. Ângelo Augusto da Silva, as well as with the collaboration from other private volunteers. It’s a different commitment, particularly targeted to diversified local publics.
Open June 6th of 2015.
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