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"Madeira – Enchanted Spring”
From April 16th to 22nd take place the Flower Festival celebrations. This year under the theme "Madeira – Enchanted Spring”, is most certainly one of the most beautiful events yearly celebrated and one of the largest tourist billboards and attractions of Madeira Island.
On Saturday morning is held the Children’s Parade, in which over a thousand children carry a flower from Avenida Arriaga towards the Praça do Município and place it on a wall filled with symbolism - the "Wall of Hope".
The initiative takes place for more than three decades, associating childhood innocence and the fragility of flowers with the symbolism of peace and hope for a better World. The ceremony culminates with the release of doves and a children’s show.
On Sunday afternoon the highlight of the Festival goes to the Great Flower Parade, with splendorous allegoric floats decorated with flowers and hundreds of participants, mostly children, through the main streets of our city, displaying numerous typical floral species of the island and marvelling all of those who attend this beautiful parade.
This event also includes the traditional Flower Exhibition at Largo da Restauração, floral carpets and the famous flower Charolas, which are displayed and may be visited throughout the Avenida Arriaga in downtown Funchal.
Destaque Mensal
Regional Secretariat for Culture, Tourism and Transports / Department of Cultural Affairs

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