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Nucleus of Jorge Brum do Canto
The President of the Regional Government of Madeira will inaugurate on july the 2nd in Porto Santo Island, a specially dedicated and permanent space, concerning Jorge Brum do Canto, an exhibition celebrating the life achievements of this illustrious gentleman with deep rooted connections in this Island.

The President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa will be present for this ceremony. In October of 2015, Nuno Alves Caetano, on behalf of his family, donated to the Regional Government of Madeira, a collection that was part of the estate of Jorge Brum do Canto.

The documental core will be deposited at the Regional Archives and Public Library of Madeira (ABM) for conservation, study and subsequent disclosure to the public. The bequest consists mainly of a plethora of personal as well as documental records of the life of Jorge Brum do Canto, also relating to the deep connections that his family that originated in the Azores,had with Porto Santo.

This exhibition aims to illustrate his multiple interests: he was both a film and television actor, a film critic, film director, also the President of the Professional Film Union, a musician, decorator, poet, ichthyologist, gastronome, ethnographer, as well as a sports fisherman.

Of the whole legacy, a thorough selection was made, in order to assemble this exhibition. It forms the basis that will support any future research that may take place, which relates to this multifaceted man who nurtured a deep love of Porto Santo.
Destaque Mensal
Regional Secretariat for Economy, Tourism and Culture / Department of Culture