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The MUDAS.Museum of Contemporary Art of Madeira presents on December 15th , an exhibition of Catarina Branco, curated by Carolina Grau. This project is organized as part of the implementation of the protocol of cooperation established between Madeira and the Azores and, in partnership with the Archipelago - Center for Contemporary Arts of the Azores.
This exhibition offers us a voyage through the works produced between 2009 and 2017 by this Azorean artist, allowing us to follow the evolution of her artistic language in which, by choreographing paper matrices, manually cropped in flat shapes and transformed into volumes of colors, result in sculptural forms whose apparatus transports us to an ethnography of popular and religious roots, much present, for example, in the flower carpets, used in religious fest in the Azores, but also in the Madeiran festivities.
On the other hand, her work includes references to traditional basketry techniques that, among other elements, are conglomerated so that in Catarina Branco’s case her motive is the memory of the geography and the cultural influences and traditions of her home land, reflecting the morphology of the landscape and colors of the Azorean islands, translated into a work of geometric and abstract roots.
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