Agenda » Highlight of the Week
In all the parishes’ religious or pilgrimage festivals are celebrated, consecrated to god, to the Holy Spirit, to Our Lady and to the Saints, represented by a relic or by an image.
Normally these festivals take place on weekends and originate in a legend, or were introduced by the first settlers, for they brought with them their saints of devotion, making them holy protectors of a certain locality.
Among the sacred rituals we have the celebration of novenas (nine masses, which are held daily, before the day of the entity being celebrated), the confessions, mass and procession. Within the church, the people usually kiss the “Celebrated” Saint in a kind of propitiatory blessing, symbolizing the acceptance of their miraculous power and the faithful fulfill and make promises, protecting their daily life.
The feast also contemplates the profane part that is the "Arraial," as it is popularly known. It is the space where one dances, sings, eats, realizes commercial exchanges, dates, etc.
Exhibition can be visited until November 24th.
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