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The Art of Wickerwork: “Wrapping carboys with straw”
In order to provide a greater rotation of the collections, the museum proceeds with the project entitled “Access to the Collections in Store”, with a new thematic every six months.
The aim of this exhibition is to disclose an ancestral tradition, underlying to a know-how that is part of our immaterial cultural heritage and represents the cultural heritage of past generations.
The exhibition is about a technique applied to wicker, like basketry, in matter of raw materials, techniques and tools used by craftsmen.
The museum demonstrates to its guests the different stages of the making of these utilitarian items, with works by Fernando Humberto de Castro, from Moreno, Ribeira Brava, who uses “liaça” and Manuel Albino dos Santos, from Fajã dos Vinháticos, São Vicente, who works with the whole wicker.
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