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Madeira Regional Archives   Madeira Regional Archives
Useful Information
Luís Miguel Jardim

Department in charge:
Department of Culture

Caminho dos Álamos, n.º 35
9020-064 Funchal
(351) 291 708 400/401/410/411
(351) 291 708 402
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Opening hours:
Certificate Issuance
Monday to Friday: 9.30a.m. – 4p.m.
Reading Service
Monday to Friday: 9.30a.m. – 7.45p.m.
Saturdays: 9.30a.m. – 3p.m.

Public Buses:
14 e 46.

The Regional Archive is the institution responsible for the Region's archives management and for the coordination of the regional archivist policy. It also has the obligation of assembling archives proceeding from public and private institutions, as well as guaranteeing the access of to the general public to these documents. The archivists identify and classify documents, and elaborate the descriptive instruments that allow exploring the assets and collections. Committed in being known and recognised for its mission, actions and assets, through the edition of sources, exhibitions set-up, displays and lectures, and also by its educational workshops, the Regional Archive contributes to promote the past and the traditions, whose marks are visible in the Region’s monuments and museums.

The importance of this function is very obvious today, because it deals with guaranteeing the integrity of a major portion of the sources of the contemporary history of our archipelago, namely, the sources for the history of the autonomous regime. The documentation to be gathered obligatorily by the Regional Archives is established by law.

The Regional Archives uses skilled technicians and modern equipment to apply measures of preventive conservation for transferring the support medium of precious and fragile documents, book binding and restoration of degraded documents. In this area, the current priority is the preparation of the Conservation Plan and the Security Plan.

Communication and Enhancement
The Regional Archives guarantees access to the documents by means of diverse instruments, a result of patient and rigorous work of identification and classification.
Communicating its mission, its functions, its collections, it also contributes to disseminating the regional and local history, by means of expositions and informational and training actions (expositions, speeches, pedagogic journals, guided tours). The renovation of the image of the Regional Archives is achieved through the development of the Educational Service/Cultural Extension.
The communication and enhancement of the archival heritage also involves the publication of articles and works by archivists, through the publishing of the Regional Archives website as well as by the publishing of sources.

Promote the Regional Archival Policies
The installation of a Regional System of Archives in which the Madeira Regional Archives is the entity in charge, is a natural consequence of the development of the autonomous process, which is not only foreseeable but also desirable. The Madeira Regional Archives assumes its role as the administrative agency of the archives of the region and has defined objectives and taken strategic measures that govern the intervention it carries out.

Chargeable Service.

Technical support to the Services of local Public Administration.
Technical support to private entities and to holders of valuable documentation, recognised for its historic and cultural values.

Certificate Issuance
Chargeable service. Your may also make your request by letter or e-mail.

Public Reading
The Microfilm Reading Room can gather at the maximum five persons.
The Reading Room has room enough for forty persons and eight computer workstations.
The technicians working in these rooms welcome the user, make sure that they get to know and are aware about all the consulting procedure rules and respect them; they also provide for the reading and copies asked for and teach how to use the available equipment, such as: computers, microfilm-readers or CD-ROM’s.

After an initial period of 30 minutes of free consultation, the research made for certificate issuing and to support investigators, will be chargeable.

Reference/Documental Information
Free Internet access allows the use of laptops.
On-line consulting of research instruments and databases from the Madeira Regional Archives, such as “Diário da República” – 1st Series, since 1962 and 2nd Series, since 2000, and also the “Jornal Oficial da Região Autónoma da Madeira” (1st and 2nd Series Edition).

Copies of Documents
The reproduction of documentation is a promptness that the Madeira Regional Archives provides, not a pre-established Legal Right. Our services provide for: copies of documents in paper, microfilm, digital format, duplications, and developments and quality control of the microfilms. This service is chargeable.

Educational Service
The Educational Service activities are developed in accordance and combined with the cultural events promoted and works evolved by the Madeira Regional Archives. Guided Tours.

Preservation, Conservation and Restoration
Services of bookbinding, restoring and conservation treatments are undertaken by the ARM; hygienic and curative interventions of the documents are also being carried out.

Palaeographic Transcriptions
Chargeable Service.


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