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Cultural Heritage » DSPC
Direction of Services of Cultural Heritage  Direction of Services of Cultural Heritage
Useful Information

Institution in charge:
Department of Cultural Affairs

Rua dos Ferreiros, n.º 165
9004 - 520 Funchal
(351) 291 211 830
(351) 291 230 341

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.; 2.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

The Cultural Heritage Services (CHS) are in charge of the inventory, protection, classification and promotion of Madeira’s classified heritage, as well as of all cultural assets, whose quality justifies and recommends their preservation. The CHS are also responsible for the information gathering on the inventoried heritage and on property still to be inventoried, its registration, data organisation and related availableness for inner (basis for recovery and reconstruction actions) and public consulting.
One of CHS most important tasks is to propose the classification of Madeira’s cultural assets and through its reports, give its opinion on the interventions occurring in real estate property and surrounding protection areas.

Educational Services

The new generations have a determinant role in the future of the cultural heritage, considering that the preservation of this heritage depends on the consideration given by society. Learning to appreciate cultural heritage since a very tender age, is the best way to enjoy it and care for it, that’s why youngsters are an important target to be reached, making them aware. It’s a biunique process, where cultural heritage contributes to the general knowledge of future generations.
The project that is developed by the educational service “Heritage within the Schools” that the Cultural Heritage Services (CHS) of the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs- Regional Secretariat for Culture, Tourism and Transports (SRT) has been carrying out, aims at the promotion and preservation of the Region's Cultural Heritage.
The efforts carried out with the educational system aims to emphasize the potentials of the local cultural heritage as a mean to develop the knowledge acquired by its students within our educational system.


The Cultural Heritage Services (CHS) has been carrying out a specialized library in this area, with the aim at supporting research carried out by the technical scholars, as well as, providing information to students and professionals.
There is the possibility of researching several themes, such as architecture, glazed tiles, furniture, heritage´s theory (with a nucleus regarding the regional´s heritage) and specialized periodicals, as well as, the research on the inventory folders of each immobile, that gathers information and investigation about the classified and inventoried buildings.
The bibliographic research for students is oriented by the technical scholar of educational service and assisted by specialists of each area.


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