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Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage  Cultural Heritage
Heritage is a specific expression of each nation that throughout centuries formed their identity, as a consequence of time and place and influenced by travellers, pulsed by the means of transport (from the carriages to the railways, from the caravels to steam boats), but the local conditions (climate, topography and construction materials available), their beliefs and religions, performed a determinant role adapting and developing, having as consequence a diversity of shapes and materials. Diversity that nowadays is one of the most fascinating qualities of heritage, conditioned to evolution by worldwide information, and the beginning of a global culture.
The multiplicity of cultural heritage, is defined in its territorial universe (from monuments to humanized landscape), in its diversity of statutes and meanings (from immobile to immaterial, from erudite to popular) allied with temporal dimension that is confined with the society´s evolution that produces and that constantly adds value, as well as, the useful life of the materials.
The heritage values are no doubt an increase when reporting to the future, for they constitute a cultural base in which the actual society can inspire themselves to build today´s heritage. 


Ongoing Projects

The Department of Museums and Cultural Heritage, through the Atelier de Arte|Conservação|Restauro CALÇADA initiated a conservation and restoration operation of three paintings: Santo Mártir em Adoração (Saint Martyr in Veneration), an oil painting on wood dated of the seventeenth/eighteen centuries?; also an oil painting on canvas representing the Virgem com o Menino Jesus (the Virgin and the Child) and Santa Catarina de Alexandria (Saint Catherine of Alexandria – Martyr and Virgin) part of the Quinta das Cruzes Museum’s collection. Still, another oil on canvas painting of the high choir in the Church and Convent of Santa Clara, Cristo a Caminho do Calvário (Christ on the Way to Calvary), dated of the seventeenth century?
This action is part of a far-reaching conservation and restoration project of the Region’s extraordinary artistic and historical cultural heritage.


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