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 Saturday, February 2, 2019
“NEO BARROQUE VERTIGO” (7/2/2018 até 1/31/2020)
Atlanticulture Center – Centro Livre de Artes, Cultura e Criatividade da Madeira.
Fórum Machico
DDiarte private work , the pair of Madeiran photographers Zé Diogo and Diamantino Jesus
Temporary Exhibition Room- Hall of the House-Museum Frederico de Freitas
Exhibition developed by the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek.
Józef Piłsudski is a multidimensional character. Revolutionary - socialist, activist of Polish independence, political prisoner and, in the early years of restored Poland - Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Polish Army.
“Salobros Afetos” (11/17/2018 até 2/2/2019)
MUDAS.Museum of Contemporary Art of Madeira.
This exhibition, composed of 20 drawings, will feature critic texts by Rita Rodrigues and other authors. In the artist's understanding, Salobros Afetos finds reminiscences in a review of other moments of her work, such as In Liquid State, in which Ana Margarida Falcão evoked when writing about her work, her childhood to describe her spirit.
“Da continuidade das formas e do modo como pousam” (11/24/2018 até 4/19/2019)
[exhibition in three acts]
By Paulo David.
The exhibition dedicated to Paulo David by Porta 33, architect who was born, lives and works on Madeira, unfolds in three acts taking place from November 2018 to April 2019, on a path which leads from full to emptiness, from matter to air, side by side with the seminar “Mais importante do que desenhar é afiar o lápis” (More important than drawing is sharpening the pencil).
“PICOS E LOMBOS” (12/7/2018 até 2/3/2019)
Galeria dos Prazeres
By Rui Pinheiro
The work of the photographer Rui Pinheiro defines itself by a conceptual feature which often resorts to the use of irony.
“Picos e Lombos” is much simpler than a simple mapping of the territory of Prazeres. It is a dazzling look, disguised as critic, of whom has just arrived to this “dramatic landscape”.
The Galeria dos Prazeres celebrates its ten years anniversary with this exhibition.
“OVERSEAS…” (12/13/2018 até 2/7/2019)
Gallery Marca de Água
By Rita de Andrade.
Contemporary jewellery exhibition, by Rita de Andrade, curator and contemporary jewellery artist, with pieces in silver, gold and other materials, and drawings, photography and art installation.
Rua da Carreira, 119 – Funchal
291 100 149
“Herman Melville – the author of Moby Dick - 200 years birth” (1/14/2019 até 3/30/2019)
Sala de Leitura Geral - Arquivo Regional e Biblioteca Pública da Madeira (abm)
Bibliographical display of Herman Melville, author of “Moby Dick”
“Journeys with more than one century of history” (1/22/2019 até 4/24/2019)
Temporary Exhibition Room – Madeira Ethnographic Museum
With more than one century of existence, the carros de cesto of Monte (basket carts) are one of a kind regarding human transportation.
The aim of the exhibition is to show to everyone how this type of carriage is made, presenting altogether a small editorial about the history of the “Associação dos Carreiros do Monte”.
Concert - 30 years of the University of Madeira (2/2/2019 até 2/2/2019)
6:00 p.m.
Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre
Classical Orchestra of Madeira
Cycle “The Concerts for Piano”
Guest Conductor: Rui Pinheiro
Soloist: Vasco Dantas Rocha
“MUSIC IN THE CHAPELS” (2/2/2019 até 2/2/2019)
8:30 p.m.
São Sebastião Chapel - Ponta do Sol
Slobodan Sarcevic: Accordion
Duarte Salgado: percussion
Rodolfo Cró: guitar
7:00 p.m.
“In Memoriam”
Regina Pacis Vocal Ensemble
Quinta Vigia - Presidency of the Regional Government of Madeira
GUIDED TOURS IN SEVERAL LANGUAGES (1/31/2019 até 12/31/2019)
Guided tour to the Jesuits’ College of Funchal
Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
All those who wish to partake should contact: 935 010 779 or
GUIDED TOURS IN SEVERAL LANGUAGES (1/31/2019 até 12/31/2019)
History Tellers
Guided tour to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira
Friday at 3:00 p.m.
All those who wish to partake should contact: 935 010 779 or
GUIDED TOURS IN SEVERAL LANGUAGES (1/31/2019 até 12/31/2019)
Guided tour to Quinta Vigia - Presidency of Regional Government of Madeira
Friday at 4:00 p.m.
All those who wish to partake should contact: 935 010 779 or
“LINEN ROUTE” (2/1/2019 até 2/15/2019)
Temporary Exhibition Hall of the Solar do Ribeirinho - Machico Nucleus Museum
This exhibition is based on a research work by Jaime Andrade, who also produced the accessories. The exhibition aims to promote the knowledge of artisanal work processes related to the technologies of transformation of the flax plant; contribute to the understanding of the various stages of transformation of flax fiber as well as to the preservation and dissemination of the cultural heritage of it