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Madeira Cultural Festivals

The project Madeira Cultural Festivals (MCF) created on September of 2010 and managed by the Regional Secretariat for Education and Culture, through the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) aims to be a guarantee of attraction and quality in the field of entertainment and cultural offerings in order to culturally promote the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM).
Co-financed, in 80%, by the European Union’s Programme Intervir+ - Operational Programme for the Enhancement of Economic Potential and Territorial Cohesion of the Madeira Autonomous Region - the MCF gather under its umbrella the four major events held each year in Madeira.  

  • Regional Meeting of Philharmonic Bands 
  • Madeira Music Festival 
  • Atlantic Roots Festival 
  • Madeira Organ Festival 

The MCF is brand-project, which, due to its singularity and ability of bringing together the local factor and the universal dimension, pursues and satisfies goals of internationalisation and modernity in Madeira’s culture. It bets on a diversity of musical themes and genres, taking advantage of the memories and traditions of our cultural heritage and seeking to affirm the brand itself.

Informative note: the website, is no longer online. Thus, all the information regarding the above project is now available on this website from its homepage.

Madeira Literary Festival
April - 11 - 16
The Madeira Literary Festival (MLF) aims to bring closer to Madeira island great voices of literature.
Conceived to highlight the characters, authors and simultaneously to assist all of those, who are really in charge - the readers, this initiative wishes to become an extraordinary event, noteworthy in our national cultural panorama.
The MLF offers a diverse programming with simple conversations/talks, conferences, three nights of special performances, artistic events and visits to local schools.
This year, beyond the "Festival at Schools” and the conference that will be held at Madeira University, will be also released the “Festivalinho” - a Literary Festival addressed to Children. The goal is to make them start to get acquainted with these events by promoting a greater contact with books, authors, writers and illustrators.
Madeira Film Festival
April 25 to May 1

The Madeira Film Festival is an independent film festival part of an international project, which brings together several initiatives and events that share common features in many areas like: arts, education, eco-tourism, sustainability, leisure, solidarity and social responsibility.
The organization invests in the presence of nationally and internationally famous and recognized celebrities as a way of publicizing and promoting the event, and this way appealing to the national and international press.
This festival is also noteworthy by its educational programme in which partakes the entire school community. So, the event is open to the participation of all students, who may even achieve prizes, just by competing in a special contest the features eight different areas: marketing and communications, media, arts and design, theatre, tourism and events, solidarity, environment and sustainability, sustainable and efficiency energy.

Official website:
Funchal Jazz Festival
Dates do be announced for 2016

Funchal welcomes another edition a unique Jazz Festival. This is an important initiative within the international jazz festivals guides and an important cultural vehicle for Madeira’s national and international promotion Islands.
In 2015, as usual, the Funchal Jazz Festival includes prestigious and well-known musicians from the international jazz scene.
Sponsored by Funchal City Hall, this initiative aims to enhance and enrich the Region’s cultural offer as well as the event’s quality as a form of tourist attraction. The festival is held at Santa Catarina Park, one of the most emblematic gardens of the city.

Oficial website:
Madeira Micro InternationalFilm Festival
Dates to be announced for 2016

This festival was firstly held on December 2012 in the flagship Cinema Paradiso, located in the village of Ponta do Sol. This building, with about 100 years, apart from being an important Art Deco landmark, it’s where the first film screening in Madeira took place. “This three-day Madeira Micro international Film Festival will feature challenging, fantastic and surreal films“ (...)“, aiming to diversify the existent film offer in Madeira, with a clear emphasis also on the European and indie cinema.

Site Oficial:
Dates to be announced for 2016

The MADEIRADIG Festival is a unique Adventure in extra-ordinary Music. Each December the Portuguese island - celebrated as the 'paradise island' and 'floating garden' - is transformed into a hotbed of digital culture. The festival on our storied volcanic island, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, features stunning and inimitable line-up, a landscape to match and attractive spring temperatures. This is an avant-garde trip through the world of serious new contemporary music.
Site Oficial:

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