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Municipality of Culture 2007 - Ponta do Sol  Municipality of Culture 2007 - Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol was the first municipality in the Autonomous Region of Madeira to host the title of Municipality of Culture.

A year rich in dynamics and diverse proposals for locals and visitors, thanks to a programme focused on the roots of “pontasolenses” (local people) combined with the most diverse forms of art.
Ponta do Sol has always preserve a strong connection with its cultural traditions, so it was easy to develop a wide-range and rich program of activities, also due and through a close collaboration and existing relationship with the local community and cultural entities.

The Cultural Centre John Dos Passos was the main centre for the events within the Municipality of Culture, with several musical concerts, theatre plays, dance performances, exhibitions, guided tours and the creation of a Literary Prize, a tribute to the Portuguese-descendant writer John Dos Passos.

The official opening ceremony was held on the 27th of January 2007 at 7p.m. at the auditorium of the Cultural Centre John Dos Passos with a concert performance by the Madeira Mandolin Orchestra.

An extensive lineup followed, enriched by an intensive participation of local Primary and Secondary School, the Municipal Band of Ponta do Sol, the Cultural Association of Canhas, the Folklore Group of Ponta do Sol and the Choir group of the Casa do Povo da Ponta do Sol

Here are some of the most significant activities carried by the Municipality of Culture - Ponta do Sol 2007:

The CULTURBUS - a mean of transport at the service of culture. The goal was to provide to local citizens the opportunity of attending the general activities undertaken within the Municipality of Culture free of charge.
This initiative has emerged within the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All - Towards a Just Society, (Decision No
771/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006).

Ponta do Sol’s Heritage – an exhibition developed by the Cultural Heritage Services of the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs within the International Day for Monuments and Sites celebrations 2007.

Several tributes to local personalities have taken place, such as the homage to the musician, Moisés Pita with an initiative promoted by the Municipal Band of Ponta do Sol and the tribute to Father Francis Macedo, with a documentary exhibition and a lecture by Father Manuel Pereira Gonçalves, as well as concert performance with works composed by the honoree. The conference cycle “Personalities from Ponta do Sol” has also marked the event’s programme.

Over the summer months, the Municipality of Culture has carried out a series of outdoor concerts, the Summer Nights - Sounds of the World, where several local and regional groups have performed. During the day, at the beach of Ponta do Sol, all bathers had the opportunity of combining leisure and reading in the Summer Library.

Also noteworthy is the exhibition on the Press in Ponta do Sol, the Culture Meeting, the 3rd Cultural and Literary Forum, the Regional Meeting of Orchestras and Mandolin Groups, the performance "A Journey trough the Centuries" and the seminar "Teaching, Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture."
Still to be pointed out are various activities which have brought to Ponta do Sol outer cultural entities, such as: the Dançando com a Diferença Group, the Carlos Fernandes Dance Company, the theater company Teatro Novo from Brazil, Madeira’s Department of Artistic Education, the Orfeão Madeirense, the Grupo Cénico do Recreio Musical União da Mocidade, the Mime and Theater Group Oficina Versus of the Regional Department for Special Education and Rehabilitation, The Madeira’s Association of Folklore and Ethnography, the Teatro Experimental do Funchal, the Xarabanda Musical Association and Madeira’s Regional Archive.
Experimental Theatre, Xarabanda and Regional Archives Madeira
Closing the Ponta do Sol in 2007 - Municipality of Culture - the Casa do Povo of Ponta do Sol released the book "Sabores da Ponta do Sol".


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