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Cultural Entities  Cultural Entities

Cultural Entities are units with a minimum of organised structure and management regulations whose social integration and activities developed stand out in the domain of culture and are recognised as such.
The cultural entities existing in Madeira can assume either a public or a private character. However, what characterizes them the most is their role in specific areas of our culture: music, dance, theatre and craftwork, or even integrating diverse and different domains, such as, researching or recreating tradition and contemporary arts.
The Culture of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) recognises that are those diversified cultural entities that by operating both in Madeira and Porto Santo, and according to the specificity of their actions, contribute in their special and unique way for the dynamics of the existing cultural offer in our society, being just as well a decisive factor for the foreign affirmation of the Island’s identity, historically and culturally.
The presence of Madeira’s Cultural Entities in this new website Madeira Cultura, aims to assure a greater visibility to their initiatives, activities, services and products, as well as to support the multiple performances that decisively contribute to affirm and to promote our culture, not only close to our locals, but also close to the tourists who visit us.


How to form a cultural association?

If you wish to constitute a cultural association just click here to check all available  information you may require.


Public Interest Status. What it is?

Only legal persons, such as public associations or foundations whose activity is exclusively developed in regional territory, cooperating with the local autonomous government, may be renowned with this recognition of public interest status.

Further information on:


Arts Patronage

The Law74/99 that used to regulate the Arts Patronage Regulations was repealed. As a consequence, all tax incentives were included in the general Tax Incentives Regulations (Law 53-A/2006 from December 29th). For further information we suggest the reading of the Law 53-A/2006 from December 29th, pages 39 to 43.


What is a Contractual-program?

It is a legal instrument that aims for the implementation and accomplishment of a sectional or multi-sectional investment project or group of projects, which technically and financially assemble one or more Cultural Entities and regional administration departments with the purpose of pursuing the projected goals.


Regional Regulation Decree 11/2004/M

The decree approved by the terms of the Regional Legislative Decree 22/2003/M from August 14th, regulates the position of cultural manager in Madeira.


Regional Legislative Decree 22/2003/M

The decree regulates the position of cultural manager in Madeira.


Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture: Decree130/2006

The decree modifies the attribution of financial support to projects of cultural interest previously approved by the decree 79/2001 from July 17th.


Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture: Decree 79/2001

The decree approves the attribution of financial support to projects of cultural interest.


Application forms should be addressed to:

Direcção Regional da Cultura 
Rua dos Ferreiros, n. º 165
9004-520 Funchal

We regret to inform that all application forms are only available in Portuguese.



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