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 Friday, October 19, 2018
“ODETTE DE SAINT-MAURICE: 1918-1993” (9/17/2018 até 11/30/2018)
Regional Archive and Public Library of Madeira (ABM) – Reading Room
The ABM celebrates the centenary of the birth of the Portuguese author, specialized in juvenile literature and much-admired by the critics in the 50s, 60s and 70s of the 20th century.
“RISCOS NA MEMÓRIA” (9/26/2018 até 10/27/2018)
Art Centre Caravel
Collection of lithography and art installation by Telma Henriques and photography by David Francisco
Rua D. Carlos I, 19ª – Funchal
913 655 459
Monday to Friday from 11:00AM to 6:00PM
Madeira Organ Festival (10/19/2018 até 10/19/2018)
19-28 October 2018
“Six centuries of organ music”
9:30 PM
Funchal, Igreja do Colégio
Johann Sebastian Bach
Matthias Havinga, organ
PROJECT DAR A VER (10/19/2018 até 10/19/2018)
The cultural project DAR A VER is based on the idea of dissemination of the artistic heritage existing in Madeira and its connexion with the national panorama.
Throughout the year, a group of specialists, local and national, will be invited to address in a more specific or general way aspects of this immense cultural diversity preserved in situ or already transited to museums. The central part of the program will be the guided tours and conferences.
BOOK MARKET (10/8/2018 até 10/20/2018)
Regional Archive and Public Library of Madeira - Atrium (ABM)
In October, the ABM promotes the 2nd edition of the Book Market. From October 8th to 20th there will be available a selection of editions belonging to the Direção Regional da Cultura (Cultural Department) in affordable prices.
"DARWIN AND THE DYNAMICS OF SOILS" (7/2/2018 até 10/31/2018)
Funchal Natural History Museum
The main purpose of this exhibition is to inform, on the one hand, the population for some of the current problems that affect the soil and, on the other, to raise awareness of the importance of the soil in the sustainability of all life on the planet and for the preservation of this natural resource, non-renewable.
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Madeira Ethnographic Museum (MEM)
Since the earliest days of Mankind, all the resources that Nature provided us with were wisely applied in the accomplishment of our needs.
With this exhibition, with access to the collections in store, the purpose is to deliver further understanding about the artisans and the processes of confectioning artifacts in palmito, with emphasis on the hats from Porto Santo, made by the artisans Maria Otília Melim and Solomé Melim.
“NEO BARROQUE VERTIGO” (7/2/2018 até 1/31/2020)
Atlanticulture Center – Centro Livre de Artes, Cultura e Criatividade da Madeira.
Fórum Machico
DDiarte private work , the pair of Madeiran photographers Zé Diogo and Diamantino Jesus
“A LUZ QUE HÁ” (The light that exists) (10/1/2018 até 10/27/2018)
Porta 33
Rua do Quebra Costas 33 - Funchal
Tuesday to Saturday from 4:00PM to 8:00PM (another schedule has to be previously required)
291 743 038 |
Madeira Ethnographic Museum – Temporary Exhibitions Room (MEM)
The Marian cult has an enormous importance in the churches, chapels and hermitages of the Madeira Archipelago.
With curatorship of Martinho Mendes, this exhibition interconnects anthropology, ethnobotany and contemporary artistic look, trying to acknowledge the specificities of two celebrations of the West of the island, where Azucena (Amaryllis belladonna) is widespread and often used, a species introduced in t
"VITIVINICULTURA" (10/8/2018 até 1/3/2019)
Madeira Theme Park - Santana
Itinerary exhibition of the Madeira Ethnographic Museum.
The harvest stands out as the most important moment in the winemaking activity.
"MUSEUM, NATURE AND SCIENCE: GÜNTHER MAUL (1909-1997)" (10/8/2018 até 12/18/2018)
Museum of Natural History Funchal
In celebration of the 85th anniversary of the Museum of Natural History of Funchal, there will be presented a temporary exhibition dedicated to Günther Edmund Maul, dermoplastic, ichthyologist and former director of the Museum.
Günther Maul arrived in Madeira at the end of 1930, with the aim to prepare the specimens of land and marine animals of Madeira that came to integrate the permanent exhibition of the newly created Museum.
Madeira Theme Park - Santana
Itinerary exhibition of the Madeira Ethnographic Museum
Although its uncertain origin, the traditional "wedding cake", also known as "country cake" or "sweet cake" is known throughout the entire island.
"ICON: FROM BEAUTY TO MYSTERY" (10/18/2018 até 12/18/2018)
Museum of Sacred Art
The Museum of Sacred Art celebrates the National Day of Cultural Belongings of the Church, celebrated on October 18, with an exhibition that shows a set of icons, existing in Funchal for private devotion, gathered in Europe over several years .
“Melancholy” (8/11/2018 até 11/10/2018)
Gallery of MUDAS.Museum of Contemporary Art | 6:00PM
Galeria dos Prazeres | 8:00PM
By Hélder Folgado.
Opening of the exhibition "Melancholy" by Hélder Folgado, project of partnership between the MUDAS.Museum of Contemporary Art of Madeira and the Galeria dos Prazeres. This show constitutes the first individual exhibition of this artist in the region and is the result of an artistic residence that took place in MUDAS.Museum during the months o